Thursday, August 2, 2012

Marathon + Triathlon Training = Fatigue!

As some of you know, I am currently training for the MCM in October and the Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon at the end of THIS month!! Training for both of these events is time consuming and requires a lot of dedication. Marathon training alone requires a long run on the weekend, a recovery run, and three moderate length (5-7miles) during the week. Trying to fit running in with biking, swimming and of course strength training is not easy. I have been pushing through it, but Wednesday morning fatigue got the best of me.

After the 5 mile run on Tuesday I went to bed early, not feeling too well, but still planning to meet my friend Shannon (who is doing both of these events with me!) early Wednesday morning for a brick workout. (We were going to swim and then take a spin class) The alarm went off as scheduled Wednesday morning (at least I think it did) and I slept straight through it. By the time I woke up and realized what happened I felt HORRIBLE!!! (Sorry Shannon!) I was so upset at myself for missing this workout. I started to think about what could have caused me to miss it and I came to the conclusion it is fatigue. I have been going non stop and not properly embracing the rest days as I should be. Rather than remaining upset, I took myself to the pool during lunch and completed the workout. I felt so refreshed and it was one of the best swims in the pool I've had.

Lesson learned? Don't get down on yourself for missing a workout or having an off day. There is a reason behind it and realizing what it is and pushing through it is a huge battle, but if you can do it, you can do anything!

Here's to hoping the rest of the month's training remains on track!

A HUGE shout out to Jessica for her new found enjoyment of swimming! She went with me on Monday and swam her farthest yet, 500M!! Way to go! Here is a picture she snapped while we were swimming.....

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